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Trabajando 4 | Barcelona, Chicago, & Paris | Full Video

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*Graphic by SUPEFMK

Imagine the local skateboarders of Barcelona, Chicago, Paris, all in one skate video. We present to you these three metropolises evenly mixed together to create an experience that can only be found in this skateboarding film. After over a year of filming, Trabajando 4 has arrived on DVD.

This video is not available on youtube, and will not be uploaded until further notice, the DVD is the only way to watch this video in it's entirety. Getting a DVD and sitting down with friends and watching the whole thing is something that brings people together in a way that youtube does not. We want this video to inspire people in full effect. A DVD will make the experience more intentional, and the result will be the watchers being more hyped than if they just watched it on youtube. Enjoy!