Trabajando Fisheye Lens Kits

Trabajando Fisheye Lens Kits

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Some fisheyes cost over $3,000, with most ranging from $400 to $1200, and that's not counting the cost of the camera. 
Filming fisheye requires you to get very close to the subject, which means if something goes wrong, a full sized fisheye hit means very expensive repairs. It happens to some of the best filmers, but the more experience you get, the better your reflexes and your angles will become. Filming fish requires you to take risks in order to get the best angle.
With the Trabajando Fish, you can learn the basics of filming fisheye and gain experience and skills that will translate to full sized fisheye lens camera setups right on your phone. 

Trabajando G Lens Kit

 Lens Mount cases available for most Iphone model and some select android phones.
The Lens cases allow for a more secure mount than the clip on mount, giving you a steadier shot.
The handle with the phone mount gives additional stabilization allowing for better angles and achieving a more professional looking image. 

Given the high quality of newer phones, and some skill, you can film professional-looking fisheye footage with the Trabajando Fisheye. 

Filmed on an Iphone 6s with the Traba handle setup.

4 By 3 Footage on the Trabajando Fisheye

Filmed on an Iphone 6s handheld.