Trabajando 4

Full Length | Barcelona | Paris | Chicago

Featuring D. J. Brown, 47SB Tariyawn Knighten, Kevin Besset, Flo Marfaing, Graham Thoms, Colin Commito Adilson Rodrigues, Max Barker, Jason William, Joe Milazzo, Cesar Dubroca & many more!

Trabajando 4, is skateboarding film featuring Barcelona, Chicago, and Paris skateboarding. We put in more time and effort into the Chicago section so there could be a few pure Chicago parts for the world to see. I was also determined to put more time into the editing of the piece so I actually ended up putting in about a year and a half editing Trabajando 4 which was way more than any of the other ones which were usually done and on youtube a few months after I would get back from the trips. Trabajando 5 on the way!