Part + Article on Live Skate Mag

A new tour des ledges part from Graham Thoms, titled "En Limbo" is now featured on Live Skateboard Mag. The article written by Aymeric Nocus features some photos from over the years and some kind words from Flo Marfaing to complement the part. Read the full article here.

Trabajando 4

Full Length | Barcelona | Paris | Chicago

Featuring D. J. Brown, 47SB Tariyawn Knighten, Kevin Besset, Flo Marfaing, Graham Thoms, Colin Commito Adilson Rodrigues, Max Barker, Jason William, Joe Milazzo, Cesar Dubroca & many more!

Trabajando 4, is skateboarding film featuring Barcelona, Chicago, and Paris skateboarding. We put in more time and effort into the Chicago section so there could be a few pure Chicago parts for the world to see. I was also determined to put more time into the editing of the piece so I actually ended up putting in about a year and a half editing Trabajando 4 which was way more than any of the other ones which were usually done and on youtube a few months after I would get back from the trips. Trabajando 5 on the way!